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Taylor Steele is an award-winning director/producer who has dominated the surf film industry for over a decade.

His films under the Poor Specimen label kick-started the careers of some of surfing’s biggest names. With the early 90’s release of Momentum and Momentum II, Taylor introduced the world to a new crop of surfers including Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, and others who collectively became known as “The Momentum Generation.” In the following years he produced a string of more than fifteen hit movies such as Focus, Good Times, Drifting, Loose Change, Shelter, and Drive Thru series, as well as Campaign 1 and Campaign 2. He has collaborated with surf filmmakers such as Chris and Emmett Malloy, Jack Johnson, and Greg Browning.

His award-winning films have become the industry standard. In 1997 The Show won Surfer Poll Award for Best Movie and in 2000 Loose Change won the ASL Readers Choice Award. In 2002 alone, Taylor and Chris Malloy won X-Dance awards for Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Editing for their movie Shelter. That same year, his Poor Specimen produced film Hallowed Ground was named ESPN’s Action Sports Movie of the Year. In 2007 Sipping Jetstreams won the X-Dance award for Best Cinematography and garnered a nomination for Best Director. The mild mannered Steele was recently voted one of Surfer Magazine’s “25 Most Powerful People” and one of Waves Magazine’s “Top Ten Most Important People In Surfing.”

Today Taylor continues to push the envelope of creativity, and with the advent of Sipping Jetstreams, he has introduced his vast audience to an entirely new lens through which to view the lifestyle they are so passionate about.

Taylor splits his time between California and Bali with his wife Sybil and daughters Jaiden and Milla.