The Lost Journals – Iceland Castles

It was shortly before the economic crises in Iceland and a pint of beer still cost a small fortune. I’m pretty sure the budget for the production crew and myself included either beer OR food, but no chance of both. Dane had just qualified for the tour, Dan had insomnia (and yet still one of my favorite travelers) and Tim was writing his 2nd album. In the last leg of the trip we ran the risk of going off a snowy mountain plunge with no chains or guard rails. Sometimes the harder you push yourself the greater the reward.

Castles in the Sky was suppose to be accompanied by 5 separate journals made by someone from our crew, from each destination. Dan and a few others took care of Iceland, Rob whipped up Peru, Dion's from Vietnam is a little archive of art, Nathan Myers collaged one up of Africa and I finished off with India. Though the original mockups sit in a box...collecting dust...maybe one day they will find a way to release the stories they hold forever etched in the Jetstream. In the meantime enjoy the Iceland chapter. And Happy New Year from PS.


Sketches by Dylan Raasch from Years Around the Sun | Photography by Various Contributors

Don’t forget to visit Tim Curran’s website for some great music, like this song Nordic written while we were on the icy road.