MT WARNING started as a side project, a collaboration between me and Taylor Steele , a space to jam ideas sonically and push our own creative visions. I couldn’t have guessed it would take me around the world; Africa, Europe, States… making amazing friends and connecting deeply with my passion for sharing music. Thanks for the good times brother T, happy birthday little album, go and take people on their journeys. Midnight Set by MT WARNING – Friday March 28 2014 – Mikey.

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THE iTUNES RELEASE FEATURES exclusive bonus tracks –

“Burn Again”, demo version, a live version of “Anchor” and brand new track “King Of The South”, plus a digital artwork booklet.

Some words and reviews of MIDNIGHT SET…

“Sonically, ‘Midnight Set’ is stunning. Really. With just enough stylistic variation to hold listener interest (whilst remaining incredibly cohesive), it moves through reverb-heavy soundscapes, such as Alaska, to guitar-fuelled rock tracks like Tattoo. Album highlights include singles Youth Bird and the utterly captivating Forward Miles, with its slow-burner pace, metronomic percussion and hypnotic backing vocals.” - AAA BACKSTAGE

“…a wonderfully constructed and lyrically poetic debut…bold, dynamic, and beautifully crafted…” – MUSIC FEEDS

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Live Acoustic set by Mikey